World Snake Day – July 16

white-snake-png-15It’s not all furry animals at most animal shelters, and so it’s always a good idea to shine the light on the scaly friends currently at your shelter. Use July’s World Snake Day (July 16) to draw attention to the curlicue buddies you have available for adoption, share the benefits of having one as a pet, and consider offering a discount on snake adoptions.

Why Adopt a Snake?

Help potential adopters understand why a snake could make a good companion with the following tidbits:

  • Snakes are easy-care pets.
    • Most require feeding only once a week!
    • Though they should be handled regularly and their habitats should be cleaned once a week, they don’t require daily walks or grooming.
    • They don’t require much space, so their enclosures don’t have to be huge (from 10-20 gallons).
    • The weekly care regimen also means savings on a pet sitter.
  • Snakes are hypoallergenic. Snakes are a great alternative for adopters with allergies to cats and dog dander or fur.
  • They are fascinating animals. Snakes are so cool! Check out our sample blog content “Snakes Are Great – In Honor of World Snake Day” to learn more, and then share this on your organizational blog.

Action Steps

  • Consider offering a discount on snake adoptions during the World Snake Day adoption promotion.
  • Although World Snake Day is one day (July 16), consider having a 3-5 day adoption promotion.
  • Take compelling photos of the snakes in your care. Use an object for scale, and check out tips for taking good small animal photos at Photographers for Animals.
  • Snakes definitely have personalities, and so make sure you share those details with potential adopters.
  • Promote your World Snake Day campaign online:
    • Post a fun-facts blog about snakes as pets on your organizational blog a few days before the snake-focused adoption days. Use our sample blog content below.
    • Start promoting the campaign on your social media sites. See our sample fact sharegraphic below.
  • Create a flyer to promote your snake adoption days and post it at your shelter and around the community.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

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Sample Blog Post: