Take Your Dog to Work Day

Do you have dogs at your shelter looking for a full-time job working from their forever home?

Take Your Dog to Work Day (created by Pet Sitters International) is a great opportunity to not only shine the spotlight on your shelter canine “personnel,” but also engage your online supporters. This event is always held on the Friday following Father’s Day in June–check the date here.

During this special event at the beginning of the dog-days of summer, businesses open their doors to employee’s dogs for the day. What better way to demonstrate both the advantages of a dog-friendly workplace (boosts productivity and morale and reduces stress) and the benefits that come from adopting a dog (saving a life and improving your mental and physical health)?

There are a few key ways to use Take Your Dog to Work Day to your advantage in the month of June.

Action steps:

1) Use the day to promote your available dogs.

Get out those ties and invite the shelter dogs into your filing cabinets and on top of your keyboards for some special photoshoots. Then post the photos online with compelling worker bee language:

  • Enjoys working from home!
  • Great at micromanaging your break times.
  • Loves to catch up on paperwork!
  • A colleague that will always listen to your concerns.
  • #likeaboss

2) Engage your online community.

Leading up to the day, ask your social media supporters to share photos of their dogs hard at work, along with the name of their organization or business. Use the photos of your available dogs to advertise Take Your Dog to Work Day and put out the call for photos. The sharegraphics should include the date of Take Your Dog to Work Day and a call to share photos on your social media site with a hashtag (ex: #dogsatwork2016). Consider holding a contest for the best photos. Sample sharegraphics below.

4) Pursue media coverage.

Now that you’ve got all those great photos, you have something to share with your local media. Send out a press release with details about the day, along with any partnering businesses and your crowd-sourced photos. See a sample press release.

3) Connect with local businesses.

Businesses that participate in Take Your Dog to Work Day are a great short- and long-term resource for you. Make the most of this event by:

  • Partnering with a local business for an adoption fair.
  • Asking participating organizations to fundraise for your shelter or sponsor a drive for needed supplies.
  • Keeping track of organizations that welcome dogs in their offices year-round—a great piece of information that could be a selling point for a potential adopter.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Sharegraphic:











Sample Press Release: