Smooches for Pooches: Kissing Booth

Pucker up! The Smooches for Pooches campaign is designed to help you strut your mutts. We love this campaign because it takes your animals to where the people are, instead of waiting for them to come to you. This is a good way to gain positive publicity for your shelter and communicate that your shelter is a fun place and that your shelter thinks creatively to help animals find their forever home.

First, you need a kissing booth!
You can ask a volunteer to build a booth out of wood – here are two examples that we made. One for small animals, and one for large dogs!
(How To Make a Kissing Booth)

Or, you can use a cardboard box (large or small depending on the animal’s size), paper and markers!
Cardboard kissing booths work better for indoor use and are great for photos.

Then, take your kissing booth and a few of your adoptable animals to a populated public area, such as a park or an outdoor shopping mall. As people walk by, invite them to interact with the animals. You can even earn a couple donations for the shelter by ‘charging’ for kisses! Share info about pooches and their personality traits. Make sure someone familiar with the animals stays close by.

Tip: Pooches aren’t the only smoochable animals. Use props in photos with cats, rabbits, and more, and post on social media–or use the pics as animal’s profile photos for February.

Action Steps:

  • Construct a kissing booth.
  • Create a sharegraphic to promote your kissing booth campaign. Include the date, time, and location of where you plan to set up.
  • Hit the streets with your booth and some of your friendliest animals. Find a populated public place, such as a park or outdoor shopping area.
  • Bring information about your shelter to distribute to the public that features some of the animals available for adoption

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Sharegraphic (click to enlarge):