Send Social Valentines

A great way to spread the love this February is through social media. With Valentine’s Day coming up, its the perfect opportunity to post adorable pictures of your animals surrounded by hearts and messages of love! You can add text to your pictures such as “Come Meet Your Valentine,” “Don’t be Lonely This Valentine’s Day,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” or “I Just Need Some Bunny to Love.”

You can even create a humorous or cheesy dating profile for your adoptable animals, to help get a little more interest in specific animals.

Creating sharegraphics that are likely to be shared on social media will be sure to get your animals’ faces out to the public.

Action Steps:

  • Ask for donations of red and pink pet clothes and accessories to dress up your animals for their photo shoot.
    • Great accessories include: a red rose, a faux feather boa, giant cardboard heart, and heart shaped pet treats.
  • Ask a local photographer to take pictures of your animals. Check For All Animals’ Photographer Registry to find a pro bono photographer near you!
  • Create a sharegraphic to post on your social media profiles. Be creative with your taglines! Samples below.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Social Media Sharegraphic (click to enlarge):