Power Hour

Shelter dogs are wonderful dogs–but anyone would get tired of being in a pen 24/7. Sometimes they just need a break to cut loose and be dogs! Foster homes can provide a great escape for shelter animals, but you also need to keep animals in the shelter to be seen, so they can be adopted. Conundrum? Not anymore. We present to you: The Power Hour.

Power Hours are an opportunity for a volunteer to take a dog out for an hour, or 2 hours…or a full day! Volunteers can take dogs hiking, to a dog park…anywhere dogs are welcome. They can even take them home and give them some power snuggles. It allows the dogs a much needed break, to help them be their best when they are on the adoption floor.

Your regular volunteers may be interested in taking dogs on Power Hours, but this is also an opportunity to recruit some NEW volunteers who aren’t as interested in cleaning litter boxes or mopping floors. Power Hours also require a limited commitment–volunteers don’t need to be on a regular schedule, and can just set up an Hour when they have time.

Ideal candidates include college students–who aren’t allowed to have pets in their dorms–and apartment dwellers who aren’t allowed pets, or have a pet weight limit. Also great to market Power Hours to ‘outdoorsy’ people, who will be hiking on weekends anyway–and families who love dogs, but aren’t quite ready to adopt.

Action Steps:

  • Create a flyer advertising your animal shelter’s Power Hour opportunities. Great to hang on college bulletin boards, around apartment complexes and/or at your local sporting goods stores, like REI.
  • Create a sharegraphic to let your online supporters know there is a new opportunity with limited commitment.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Sharegraphic:
























Sample Flyer: