Meet Your Match: Shelter Speed Dating

Invite the public to find their true love this Valentine’s season at your shelter! Sometimes when people walk through shelters, they miss pets because they have a specific kind of pet in mind, and quickly walk past a slew of fantastic pets! But with Speed Dating you provide an opportunity for the public to meet pets they might otherwise have overlooked and not interacted with. This is a fun campaign event because it gets your animals out of their cages and allows you to invite people to spend intentional time with each participating animal.

Here’s how you can run this fun campaign:

  • Have volunteers come to the shelter to serve as escorts for your animals, and set them up with their animal in stations around the space you are hosting the event.
  • Each person that comes for speed dating can spend 5 minutes with each animal, petting them and interacting with them. The volunteer escort can share information about the animal so that each person has a chance to really get to know the personality of each animal.
  • Make sure you have someone watching the clock and calling out when attendees should rotate to the next pet station.
  • You can provide light refreshments to make your event feel more like a party.
  • Have adoption paperwork ready to fill out at the end of the event. Hopefully, your attendees will fall so deeply in love that they’ll be willing to adopt that very day!

Action Steps:

  • Gather enough volunteers so that each volunteer can be stationed with an animal. Explain to them the purpose of the event and what their responsibilities will be.
  • Contact local media to add ‘Meet Your Match: Shelter Speed Dating’ to their Community Calendars (download a media advisory template).
  • Create a flyer to hang in the shelter and on community billboards (like in grocery stores and libraries) – sample below. Include the slogan “Come Meet Your True Love this Valentine’s Day.”
  • Create a sharegraphic to post on the organization’s social media platforms – sample below.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Social Media Sharegraphic (click to enlarge):








Sample Flyer (click to enlarge):