Meet Your Match: Shelter Speed Dating – Adoption Campaign
The “Meet Your Match: Shelter Speed Dating” campaign invites potential adopters to meet a variety of animals (and species!) out of their cages, in a quick (5 minutes with each animal) but comfortable setting. This campaign helps animals who are regularly overlooked by adopters a chance to shine!

Smooches for Pooches: Kissing Booth – Community Outreach/Fundraising
The “Smooches for Pooches” campaign provides marketing materials to promote a kissing booth for adoptable pups in public places. Taking animals out of the shelter to interact with the community is a sure way to get attention for the animal shelter and adoptable dogs—and you can even raise a few bucks, charging for kisses!

Send Social Valentines – Social Media Campaign
Social media and Valentine’s Day the purrfect combination to show off adorable photos of your animals.

Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month – Adoption Campaign
February is Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month, and a chance to educate the public about what great pets rabbits make—did you know rabbits can be litterbox trained? Or that people who are allergic to cats and dogs usually aren’t allergic to rabbits? This themed month helps draws much needed attention to the third largest population in shelters (after cats and dogs).

Leaping Lizards (Leap Day) – Adoption Campaign
Your animal shelters can celebrate Leap Day (February 29) with a “Leaping Lizards” campaign. There is no doubt that reptiles are in style, but the local community may not know that your animal shelter regularly has snakes, lizards, turtles and more available for adoption.