Celebrity Lookalikes

Celebrities are a huge part of internet culture, and nothing brings the “awww” factor quite like a shelter animal, so a Celebrity Lookalike Pets feature is sure to stir up plenty of attention. You don’t have to have a cat who’s a dead ringer for Leonardo DiCaprio (or is it DiCATprio? 🙂 ), you just need to use the right photos.

A good way to get started is by thinking about the general attitude of an animal. Is he a suave tuxedo-wearing gentleman? Chubby goofball? Sleek glamourpuss? Maybe she’s got a big smile. Once you have a feel for your featured animal, start doing image searches for celebrities that fit the bill.

With the thousands of photos you’ll find, including wacky photoshoots with props you can recreate, you’ll have no problem finding a match.

A campaign like this is a perfect opportunity to get really creative and show off your sense of humor. Use accompanying text or captions to make more of a connection to the animal’s celebrity counterpart and share some info that will charm potential adopters.

Tip: Keep on top of entertainment buzz so you can capitalize on things like anticipated movie releases, TV events, premieres, and finales. Celebrity award shows also lend themselves well for a “doggie-doppelganger.”

Action Steps:

  • Post a blog with celebrity lookalike pets, or split them up into a series of social media posts
  • Make your side-by-side photos easy to share–you could have a viral hit on your hands!
  • Submit your best lookalikes to local media outlets, especially radio stations, which are always looking for topical, entertaining content to share on social media.
  • Host a “red carpet” event where potential adopters can come meet their favorite shelter celebrities.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Sharegraphics: