Adoptions Campaigns

Sometimes all it takes is a photo for an adopter to find their match — and sometimes you have to work a little harder to get people’s attention. Do whatever you can to get your animals the attention they deserve! Show that your shelter has a sense of humor, and is a fun place to be — and be adopted from! Take advantage of the seasons and holidays — and tie adopting animals into whatever your community is talking about. Also, running sales (discount on animal adoptions) can be the nudge that pushes people over the edge. Make adopting as easy as possible — and as affordable as possible.

Increase Foot Traffic

A big part of increasing adoptions and support from your community is simply getting people to come to the shelter. If you want help from the community, its important to be part of the community. Hold events to bring people into the shelter. Let them experience your shelter as a positive place — with an atmosphere of love for animals. You could find some new volunteers — and you’ll be in the front of your community’s mind when they are ready to.

Fundraising Campaigns

If you need something, you need to ask for it — and that includes money. There are a number of tools nonprofits can use to raise money, but most of the time all you have to do is ask. The most effective fundraising projects have a goal and a deadline. Supporters can also be encouraged to give more if there is something tangible tied to their donation, like a particular item you are raising money for, or specific items they can buy to donate. The first step is to ask for what you need!