Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

Specific themed months give you a great opportunity to bring focus to different species or ages of animals in your shelter. Animals that do not usually get center stage can have their moment to shine!

February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, so you can highlight your hares all month long. Draw attention to your shelter’s rabbits—consider placing a small cage at your front desk that you can rotate the rabbits through, so you’re sure they are seen! Invite the public to interact with the rabbits by providing vegetables they can feed them.

During the month of February you can offer incentives like reduced adoption fees, or ‘adopt one rabbit, adopt the second one for free’ (since it’s ideal to adopt rabbits in pairs).

Put up fliers around the animal shelter and share photos of your rabbits on the shelter’s social media profiles. Consider contacting your local TV morning news shows, and ask if you can bring a few adoptable rabbits into the studio to be featured for Adopt a Rescue Rabbit Month.

On your fliers, and when people come into your shelter, make sure to highlight what makes rabbit companions special, like:

  • You can train them to use a litter box
  • Many people who are allergic to cats and dogs are NOT allergic to rabbits.
  • Rabbits have long lifespans compared to other small animals. Typically 10 – 12 years!
  • Rabbits are natural comedians.
  • Rabbits are social and bond with other animals, which makes them good to adopt in pairs or if you already have pets at home.
  • They are easy to feed—and encourage you to be healthy too. Rabbits love of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Rabbits are known to be very affectionate animals, and every rabbit has a unique personality!

Action Steps:

  • Offer discounted adoption fees (or adopt one, adopt one for free) for the rabbits in your shelter.
  • Call local morning news programs and ask if they’ll feature rabbits from your shelter for Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month.
  • Create social media sharegraphics that highlight hares and encourage people to adopt – sample below.
  • Create a flyer to put up around your shelter or post on local community bulletin board – sample below.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Social Media Sharegraphic (click to enlarge):