March of the Guinea Pigs

Specific themed months give you a great opportunity to bring focus to different species or ages of animals in your shelter. Animals that do not usually get center stage can have their moment to shine!

March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month, so get ready to make the world fall in love with those little piggies! Small animals like guinea pigs can sometimes be overlooked at shelters, so make them more visible this month.

Put up fliers around the animal shelter and share photos of your guinea pigs on the shelter’s social media profiles. During the month of March you can offer special adoption incentives like reduced fees, or a “adopt one, get one free” promotion to encourage adopting pairs, since guinea pigs do best with a friend or two. Invite the public in for a “pignic” where they can feed the guinea pigs and interact with them.

Guinea pigs are just natural born cuties–they have the big eyes and squishy bodies of a cartoon animal. And don’t forget their adorable sounds! Get a good video of those little guys saying “wee wee wee” and before you know it they’ll be going all the way home.

When you advertise the March of the Guinea Pigs, make sure to highlight what makes them special, like:

  • They come in all kinds of colors, patterns, and fur lengths
  • Guinea Pigs live longer than smaller animals, with a lifespan of about 5 years.
  • Pigs are little diplomats. They are gentle and make great family pets.
  • They’re big enough to cuddle in your lap.
  • Have you heard that squeak? Too cute.
  • Guinea Pigs are very social and like to have another pig friend.

Action Steps:

  • Offer discounted adoption fees (or adopt one, get one free) for all guinea pigs at your shelter.
  • Call local morning news programs and ask if they’ll feature some shelter pigs for March of the guinea pigs.
  • Create social media sharegraphics with each little piggy and encourage people to adopt.
  • Create a flyer to put up around your shelter or post on local community bulletin board.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Social Media Sharegraphic (click to enlarge):