For All Animals created “Picture Me @ Home” to help animal shelters and rescue groups market their adoptable animals to the public, increase community engagement, and raise their profile as animal experts.

In coordination with Paws PR, we have developed numerous campaigns for media, social media, and community outreach to help groups highlight their fabulous furry friends and help them find forever homes — and improve the way their organization is perceived by the community.

Picture Me @ Home is honored to have been a semi-finalist in the 2017 and 2018 Innovation Showdown, hosted by Petco Foundation. We received grant funding that allowed us to build out additional campaigns and provide direct care for animals.

About For All Animals:

For All Animals is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all animals through diverse programs. From drafting state legislation – to producing documentaries – to providing one-on-one support for local activists, we’re working hard to improve animals’ lives and provide them the protection they deserve.
Mission – To inspire positive change on behalf of animals; to support those helping animals; and to document animals and the efforts being made on their behalf.

Who is that cute pooch in the Picture Me @ Home logo?

Walter White-Balance was found as a stray in Texas and brought to a local shelter. When his euthanasia date was scheduled, Tracy’s Dogs came to the rescue and pulled him from the shelter. Sweet as sugar, For All Animals founders — Elizabeth & Jason Putsche — saw a photo and video of Wally on Petfinder.com and contacted Tracy’s team to find out more. After a 23 hour road trip from San Antonio, Texas to Baltimore, Maryland he quickly fell into place at their home. Wally is an excellent example of how photography and video can help animals (one of the founding principles of For All Animals) — and a prime example of shelter animals deserving a second chance.

Picture Me @ Home’s additional spokesmodels:

Frank is a female, and the spokes-cat for For All Animals and stars in #FrankFriday posts on social media. She was found as a feral kitten in a dumpster on Virginia Tech’s campus – and fostered by For All Animals founder, Elizabeth Putsche. Frank had difficulty finding a home, so Elizabeth upgraded her status to “permanent resident.” Best decision she ever made.

Joey Polaroid is a 7 pound Pomeranian. She was rescued from a puppy mill at age 8, after giving birth to countless pups. Joey was rescued by a Tail to Tell – an organization dedicated to ending puppy mills and protecting dogs. Joey has alopecia (no hair on her body) so she has a full wardrobe for all seasons. Such a fashion plate.

Bella is a sassy tabby. Diagnosed with congestive heart failure at age 2, she’s beating the odds rounding out her 10th year. Bella was adopted as a wee kitten from a northern Virginia Humane Society.