4th of July

As you probably know, the 5th of July is usually the busiest day at the shelter—thanks to dogs and cats getting scared by fireworks the night before. This is a great opportunity to let your community know to take precautions ahead of time to make sure their furry family members stay safe at home where they belong. Some pets get anxious during fireworks (in their minds it is one epic thunder storm!)—so provide pet owners with ways to ensure their pets are comforted while their people are out. For example, suggest owners leave the TV on to help muffle the noise, or provide dogs with a special treat to keep them distracted!

There are also additional hazards associated with picnics and other festivities of the day, so it’s great to put a few warnings in the front of celebrating minds.

Action Steps:

  • Create sharegraphics to post on social media leading up to the 4th of July
  • Post a blog with tips to help keep animals safe during picnics and parties
  • You can even send a press release to local TV stations, asking them to remind pet owners to leave pets at home during fireworks.

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Sharegraphics:















Sample Blog Post (click to enlarge):
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