12 Days of Christmas – Amazon Wishlist

Animal shelters and rescue groups often have a long list of items and in-kind gifts that they need donated. The ’12 Days of Christmas’ is a great time to publicize those needs using an Amazon Wishlist! From towels to food–cat toys to leashes, make a list of 12 different items your organization always needs and promote them on your organization’s social media platforms.

This tactic is very tangible to donors, and it’s easy to see the goal number of items you’re trying to reach. A clearly visible wishlist, especially with a deadline, helps supporters be more generous in helping you reach your goals.

On Amazon Wishlists you are able to write notes for each item to explain how you use the items to help animals – and even rank the items by priority!

Learn how to start an Amazon Wishlist!

Sample List:

Request editable templates for all the items below.

Sample Social Media Sharegraphics (click to enlarge):